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Precision Machine Components

Precision Machine Components / General catalogues

Cat No. e3162
Cat No. e3002
Cat No. e3170
Cat No. e3191
  • No: e3191
  • PDF: 9350 KB
  • Click! Speedy NSK Linear Motion products Quick Delivery System

Precision Machine Components / Ball Screws

Cat No. e3238
Cat No. e3239
Cat No. e3241
  • No: e3241
  • PDF: 4342 KB
  • NSK Standard Ball Screws High-Speed SS Series

Cat No. e3242
  • No: e3242
  • PDF: 858 KB
  • Nut Cooling Ball Screw for High Precision Machine Tools

Cat No. esp-101025
  • No: esp-101025
  • PDF: 1005 KB
  • Ball Screws for High-Speed Machine Tools HMS Series

Cat No. esp-121020
Cat No. esp-131125
  • No: esp-131125
  • PDF: 1414 KB
  • L1 Seal Ball Screw with Minimal Grease Splatter

Cat No. esp-151005
Cat No. esp-160201

Precision Machine Components / Linear Guides

Cat No. e3317
Cat No. e3324
  • No: e3324
  • PDF: 1640 KB
  • New Type of Rolling Element Linear Motion Bearing Translide

Cat No. e3327
  • No: e3327
  • PDF: 8893 KB
  • NSK Linear Guides Miniature PU Series/PE Series

Cat No. e3328
  • No: e3328
  • PDF: 4905 KB
  • NSK Linear Guides High-Rigidity Series RA/RB Model Roller Guides

Cat No. e3329
Cat No. e3331
Cat No. e3332
Cat No. e3334
  • No: e3334
  • PDF: 5694 KB
  • NSK Linear Guides Roller Guide with highly dustproof V1 seals and V1 bottom seals

Cat No. esp-101023
  • No: esp-101023
  • PDF: 1191 KB
  • NSK Linear Guides Roller Guide Equipped with V1 Seal

Cat No. esp-111206
Cat No. esp-081101
Cat No. esp-140320
  • No: esp-140320
  • PDF: 1536 KB
  • NSK Linear Guides Roller Guide Equipped with V1 Seal

Cat No. esp-190220
  • No: esp-190220
  • PDF: 3381 KB
  • NSK Linear Guides NSK K1-L Lubrication Unit

Cat No. esp-201110
  • No: esp-201110
  • PDF: 3920 KB
  • Long-Life Series DH/DS NSK Linear Guides

Precision Machine Components / Special Environment

Cat No. e1258
Cat No. e1284
  • No: e1284
  • PDF: 9664 KB
  • Rolling Bearings and Precision Machine Components for Food and Beverage Processing Machinery

Precision Machine Components / Monocarriers

Cat No. e3418
Cat No. e3419
Cat No. e3421
Cat No. e3422
Cat No. esp-091002
Cat No. esp-101026
Cat No. esp-120127

Precision Machine Components / Direct Drive Motors

Cat No. esp-070724
Cat No. e3512
Cat No. e3513
Cat No. e3515
  • No: e3515
  • PDF: 11160 KB
  • Megatorque Motor (PS/PN Series、PN Series With Brake、Z Series、PX Series)

Precision Machine Components / Spindles

Cat No. e2204
  • No: e2204
  • PDF: 899 KB
  • High-speed Integrated Motor Spindle for Machining Centers